Health plan document


Registered Naturopath Allison Sheppard takes a whole system-based approach to health that looks at the interconnectivity of all organ systems and how dysfunction in one area may be impacting another. Her practice utilises the principles of Functional Medicine which identifies barriers to health including nutrition, compromised gut health, poor thyroid function, viral load, and lifestyle.

The first piece of the puzzle is usually diet. Allison focuses on personalised nutrition, not dietary labels, and works with nutrient dense wholefoods without the need for calorie counting.

It’s often helpful to run clinical tests, including stool and hormone panels, to explore the root cause of a complaint and ensure the best protocol.

Allison works on a programme basis, and when taking on a new client, connects with them for the initial consultation and a minimum of two follow-up consultations. The initial consultation, which involves taking a detailed case history, lasts between one hour and 90 minutes and the two-follow-ups each last 30 minutes.

Clients receive a written report after the initial consultation and can contact Allison via email whilst working with her and also make use of one 15-minute check-in call.

Whether you have a specific set of symptoms relating to a medical diagnosis or are lacking in energy and feel constantly under par, Allison can offer you a road map to health. She is trained in both a medical and a naturopathic model of health, meaning it’s safe to work with her alongside conventional treatment.

Please see or contact Allison on 07787 802666 or for more information.