Hearing care

Hearing care

Hearing tests with John Mackenzie are free-of-charge.

With bloom hearing specialists, you will find a full range of the latest hearing aids, including rechargeable, Bluetooth enabled, app controlled and wireless streaming, as well as automatic versions.

Embark on a journey of discovery as you start to relax into better hearing.

Initially John will conduct a thorough case history, asking about your hearing health and your social lifestyle. He will ask about any previous experience with hearing tests or hearing aids as this can help guide the way forward. He will then complete and note a thorough examination of the physical condition of your ears. This is followed the audiometric hearing test, presenting a series of tones or beeps to determine the very quietest sound that you can hear across a range of frequencies. This will be visible in the form of the audiogram, which is a graph that shows how well you can hear compared to a normal hearing person. This will be explained to you in a manner that is easy to understand.

John will then discuss an individual plan with you, to help you hear as well as possible in the situations you have discussed with him.

The entire process is non-invasive and painless.

We allocate half-an-hour for a screening test and up to an hour for a comprehensive test.

Please call 01395 224207, email info@hands-onhealth.co.uk or drop in to Hands-on Health at 16 Victoria Road, Exmouth for more information.