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Massage therapies available

At Hands-on Health, we provide a wide range of massage therapies in our Exmouth clinic. Each type of massage brings its own benefits and can be used for particular purposes. Here, we outline the main massage therapies that we provide so you can better understand which type of massage is right for you.

Swedish massage is the classic form of western massage. It is designed to help the body relax by applying pressure to superficial and deeper muscles. Parts of the body are kneaded and rubbed with a variety of strokes to improve the body’s circulation, release muscular and emotional tension and promote relaxation.

Therapeutic massage builds on the simpler skills of Swedish massage to enable practitioners to work to enhance the health and well-being of clients, as well as to address specific ailments and conditions. With a spread and depth of knowledge of the body and how it reacts to illness and injury as well as good health means that in therapeutic massage specific strokes and techniques are used to work effectively with a broad range of clients in widely varying states of health.

Remedial massage works the soft tissues of the body and focuses on the treatment on both chronic and acute injuries. It assists injury prevention and aids recovery and is used effectively in the treatment of back, neck and other joint and musculoskeletal problems.

Sports massage is the application of advanced massage techniques for use with the prevention, maintenance and rehabilitation of sporting injuries. It helps alleviate the stress and tension that builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity and helps drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. It is equally effective on non-sports related injuries.

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Pregnancy massage is the massage of pregnant women (prenatal) and women after giving birth (postpartum). It can help significantly with many of the discomforts that pregnancy may bring and can be a great support to a mother before and after birth. It addresses the special needs of pregnant women such as muscular tension caused by changes in body shape and posture as well as the increase in fluid and the huge hormonal changes. Performed in a nurturing and supportive environment, this special treatment can promote relaxation, address a range of physical and emotional changes to the pregnant woman and create space and time for mother and baby to connect.

Massage can be extremely beneficial in reducing the general pelvic pain experienced during pregnancy as well as for the pain of symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), also known as pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PGP). It helps to mobilise and re-align the pelvic girdle, relieving pain and increasing stability in the area.

Indian head massage is based on an ancient Eastern form of healing that relaxes and harmonises the body’s natural balance. It is given with the client in a seated position and often without the use of oils. A range of techniques is used to provide a stimulating and relaxing massage incorporating movements to the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, head and face.

Ayurvedic massage combines skilled knowledge of the body with knowledge of oils, music, and bodywork techniques to balance the body and mind through oil massage. It helps to promote positive health, overcome fatigue, strengthen the nervous system, nourish the bodily tissues, normalise sleep, and improve flexibility to maintain good health in general. Ayurvedic massage strokes vary from deep to superficial and follow the flow of energy channels, nerve pathways and hair growth. There are three types of movements – active (strong pressure), passive (delicate stroking) and persuasive (pinching or kneading the small muscles with the thumb and forefinger).

Hot stone massage uses smooth, pre-heated volcanic stones to soothe and relax your muscles as part of your treatment. Your therapist uses the stones either as an extension of his/her own hands, or places them on specific muscles while massaging other parts of the body. The deeply relaxing heat helps warm your tight muscles prior to massage.

Seated acupressure is a relaxing and revitalising treatment. It is based on traditional Japanese acupressure where the therapist uses his or her hands to stimulate the energy points which are found all along the meridians of the head, neck, shoulders, spine and lower back. Remaining fully clothed the recipient is comfortably seated in a specifically designed chair. This versatile massage sequence can provide a simple yet effective method of reducing stress and stress-related problems and can often be found within the workplace as on-site massage.

Runners - your starter for 10 (%) !

We offer a 'marathon package' for all you runners out there. The offer is basically a 10% discount off two one-hour massage treatments before, and one after, your event. This can either be paid up front - £108 instead of £120 - or pay as you go - the normal price of £40 for the first two appointments and just £28 for the third.

And, yes, if you're doing a triathlon, or a half-marathon, or a 10k, or a 5k, or a commando challenge, you qualify for the package too.

Please call 01395 224207, email info@hands-onhealth.co.uk or drop in to Hands-on Health at 16 Victoria Road, Exmouth for more information or to book an appointment.