Male TRX push-ups

TRX programmes

TRX is available as one-to-one or small group sessions taught by qualified instructors. Choose the TRX workout that’s ideal for you or discuss with our qualified trainers what would suit you best.

New to the TRX? Let us show you the basics with our no-charge ‘getting started’ session. This 15-minute introductory session will show you how to use the TRX, the best ways to adjust resistance and stability, give you easy-to-follow tips for progressing, and a taster of our basic set of foundation exercises.

Bespoke TRX programmes

We offer one-to-one workouts that are designed specifically for you; your abilities, limitations, goals and individual sports interests/ activities.

TRX Sports Specific

Individual sports specific TRX exercises targeting the muscles and actions required to take your chosen sport to a much higher level, e.g. cycling, golf, horse riding, martial arts, rugby, running, swimming, tennis, winter sports, surfing, squash.

TRX rehabilitation

If you’ve had an injury, or surgery – such as hip or knee replacement – a tailored TRX programme can offer you effective and surprisingly speedy rehabilitation. To discuss the options available or to make a booking, please call 01395 224207 or email