Our clients' achievements

The Hands-on Health team aims to encourage all our clients towards their health and fitness goals. So we're more than delighted when we hear their stories of achievement. This page is all about the hard work, dedication and determination of our clients - we are very happy to have helped them in their success.

Claire O'Neill: Race to the Stones

Claire O'Neill three

Claire took part in the Race to the Stones with her sister. The event is a 100km ultra-marathon where competitors can walk, run, or do a mix of both over the whole distance. Claire and her sister Karen Donovan chose it because injury was preventing them from running any more marathons!

According to Claire, the event was fantastic: "It's a Threshold Sports event and it was the best-organised event I have taken part in. I wouldn't hesitate to do one of their events again. Everything from the signage over the 100km route to the wonderful attitude of the support crews and the well-stocked food and drink at the eight pit stops was brilliant!

"The target Karen and I set ourselves was to complete the distance non-stop in under 24 hours; the maximum time allowed for the non-stop event is 36 hours. There are cut-off times for reaching each pit stop. We did it in 21 hours and 58 seconds jogging the last kilometre to come in under the 22 hours. It was the toughest event I have done both physically and mentally. The scenery is a great distraction during the day as you are walking through stunning English countryside and that together with the camaraderie of the other participants really helps, but at night, when you no longer have the views, there are no other participants in sight and everything is aching I found it hard going! Despite all that, it was worth every blister to be part of such an amazing event. I wouldn't want to walk that whole distance again but I am hoping next year I will do another ultra-marathon event, this time with a mix of walking and running.

"The sports massages that Albie gave me both before and after the event really helped, especially after, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!"

Henry Pryse: multiple hip operations haven't stopped him

Henry Pryse combo

Video: Henry Pryse TRX Atomic Burpee

Henry used to be a very keen squash player until hip problems stopped him from playing - in his thirties! When he first saw Albie for massage about ten years ago, he had one built-up shoe and walked with a limp despite hip resurfacing operations. Now in his mid-fifties, and having had a hip replacement, he has persevered, and very much enjoyed, working with Albie on TRX alongside massage treatment.

In fact, he cycles from Exeter for his appointments and has built up significant strength and fitness - no more special shoes and certainly no more limping!