Sam Warren

Sam is passionate about human potential and wholly dedicated to helping people flourish in their physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being. The decision to train as a soft tissue therapist was a natural progression in his aim to help and heal people.

He adds value to every massage treatment through offering perspectives and advice intended to educate and empower people on their journey to being happy, healthy and strong.

With innate curiosity and a well-honed academic mind, Sam keeps up to date with the latest developments in the realm of human excellence, from movement, posture and biomechanics to nutrition, neuroscience, mindfulness and beyond. He uses this learning to offer sound, practical advice to his clients. With years of experience in teaching English, he is a good listener and effective communicator, able to create a comfortable rapport with people and a healthy space for healing.

During a treatment he will incorporate whichever soft tissue techniques he feels most appropriate to the client, to help restore well-being and promote healing, offering very relaxing treatments for mental and emotional well being, as well as treating specific injuries and posture-related issues.

Sam is competent in most sports, including swimming, surfing, skateboarding, racket sports, football, Frisbee, running, climbing and cycling, and he has experience of CrossFit.