Daniel Bruck

Daniel Bruck BA, MBPsS, is a sports psychologist and psychotherapist who graduated from Sao Francisco University, Brazil, and has worked for over five years as a therapist focusing on motivation, conflict resolution, athletes and sports psychology, and learning disabilities.

Daniel’s approach to developing a strong and genuine link with his clients is the Person-Centered Approach, developed by Carl Rogers, also known as Humanism.

It is a non-directive approach to being with another person; there is belief in the other’s potential and ability to make the right choices for themselves, regardless of the therapist’s own values, beliefs and ideas.

Since his graduation in 2010, Daniel has worked as a psychotherapist with people suffering from a very wide range of conditions including depression, anxieties, losses, traumas, new limits, etc, but also with a wide range of happiness and fulfilment issues. The number of people who don’t know how to recognise, accept and deal with happiness is surprisingly greater than you would imagine!

He was formerly a sports psychologist for the Cougars Rugby Club in Vinhedo, Sao Paolo, Brazil, working with motivation, group phenomena, individual and group importance and meaning – roles, frustration, limits, partnership, commitment, engagement, etc.

Throughout his career Daniel has helped people develop their potential and become empowered by self-awareness and choice.

At Hands-on Health, Daniel’s psychotherapy approach offers:

• Body awareness and consciousness
• Mind – body connection
• Rehabilitation
• Dealing with limits
• Becoming unlimited within your limits
• Body capability and limit discovery and acceptance
• Choice and self-awareness

People are always evolving and changing and Daniel is fascinated by the great potential people have to accomplish extraordinary things. He offers a warm welcome to people who need or want to engage in therapy or counselling.

Daniel Bruck is a member of the British Psychological Society under the registration number: 374531.

He is also a member of the British Association of the Person-Centered Approach.