We are thrilled when our clients tell us how much they appreciate the work we do with them. Client confidentiality is incredibly important to us, so when someone decides to ‘go public’, we’re especially proud to share it!


“After a very thorough appointment with Jayne recently, regarding my Repetitive Strain Injury (tendonitis), I have followed the exercises she recommended and am over the moon to report that the pain, which I have had for some time, is significantly lessened.”

Liz J


“Thank you to Albie and the team at Hands on Health for helping my husband with treatments and suggestions after a back injury. Highly recommended!”

Vicky Tarran via Facebook


“I cannot recommend Hands-on Health highly enough. I had suffered with a painful shoulder for over two years and one session has cleared the stiffness and the pain.

“When I went they said they couldn’t work miracles but that is exactly what they did! Thank you!”

Eve Barisic


“Thank you Hands-on Health and in particular Albie. My shoulder is feeling much better – a  few more sessions and an injury I have had all my life I am sure will soon be gone.”

Ollie Bainbridge



“TRX ought to be on the NHS! It’s absolutely brilliant. I was told that you can walk on the actual knee replacement half an hour after the operation – it’s the damage to all the soft tissue around it that’s the problem!  So TRX is helping me to build up the strength in the muscles around my knee that atrophied while I was waiting for my operation.

Albie is brilliant at targeting the right muscles. My leg is already stronger and I have more mobility. When I walk upstairs I’m now putting my weight through my left leg – where I used to hobble up, I now walk up three flights properly.

“Just as TRX was recommended to me, I would recommend it to anybody – and I have already sent a friend along!”

Ed Caudrelier

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“My previous knowledge of hypnotherapy was vague, and I did not know how NLP would work for me.  I was in a desperate state when I contacted Nicci, I had not slept in weeks and was scared that I had forgotten how to sleep. Nicci was able to listen to my concerns and needs and then create a personalised programme over six weeks, where we explored different aspects of why I may not be sleeping.

“Through hypnosis, I was able to relax and explore hidden fears, I was able to listen to my inner voice and rationalise my thoughts. Nicci gave me exercises and information to take away with, this gave me tools to use at my discretion and practice some of the techniques.  I was able to open up my stress bucket and let my worries and concerns melt away.

“I am incredibly grateful to Nicci and I would thoroughly recommend Hypnotherapy and NLP to other people.”



“My fitness was about average for my age when I started, but I had very little upper body strength, core strength or balance.  For my surfing, I wanted to get much better at popping up, and much quicker.

“My first sessions were definitely challenging but I really enjoyed them.

“The first time I went surfing, about a month after I’d started weekly TRX in March, I really noticed the difference in my balance – because it’s linked to core strength. And when I surfed just a couple of weekends ago I realised my arms and legs are much stronger – paddling was easy and I rode some really long waves.

“It’s amazing – and I’m now addicted to TRX and yoga! They have changed my whole body awareness as well as my health and general well-being. I have changed my diet completely, do TRX twice a week as well as a yoga class and Boxercise too! I am feeling much better generally – and not just physically. I work in a school for visually impaired students, and with my stronger, fitter body I have found I am more confident if I have to deal with a student’s challenging behaviour.

“I’m going on holiday to Sri Lanka in a few weeks, and will be surfing a lot. But I’ll definitely be carrying on with the TRX and yoga classes when I return.”

Typh Dagorn


“I was recommended to Albie and TRX training at Hands-on Health by a private physiotherapist who had been working with me for some months.

“I had sciatica and pins and needles into my right foot and toes. The pain was so excruciating that I had not been able to walk further than about half a mile without turning back for ibuprofen to relieve the pain. Actually, the ibuprofen alone wasn’t strong enough and my doctor also recommended paracetamol. In the meantime, after about a year of no exercise, my lower back also became very painful and despite the many therapies that I tried, including regular trips to the chiropractor, I was beginning to think that nothing worked.

“Albie helped me to set a goal to walk in Greece while I was working there and within three sessions on the TRX I was noticing a big difference! The pain was lessening and I was able to walk further each week, to my great joy!

“Albie was so gentle, never pushed me beyond what I felt I could do. He was deeply respectful and explained to me exactly why we were doing certain exercises and how they would help. He helped me to feel motivated and I began to believe that what I wanted to achieve was possible.

“I did walk for about four miles in Greece – I met my goal!  Actually, I met my goal BEFORE I went to Greece! Needless to say, I am walking about five miles each time now and loving every minute of it.

“Without Albie’s help and care and the TRX I would not be where I am today – 95% pain free, mobile and getting stronger every day!

“Thank you Albie – you rock!”

Ann Ross


“Even after just six sessions I can feel the additional flexibility and power in my golf swing.

“It’s much easier to get into the back swing and follow through, giving me greater distance.”

Kim Johnson

Watch a video of Kim practising his golf TRX