Privacy policy

Hands-on Health ensures total patient confidentiality at all times. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.

We use your email address, as provided to us by you, only to:

  • Contact you in relation to your appointments or class attendance.  
  • Advise you of news and information about our clinic and its services.

We will sometimes use the MailChimp technology to track who opens our emails and who then clicks on any of the hyperlinks we provide. This is in order to measure how well we are communicating with you, and it helps to ensure that we provide you with the information that interests you.

Please let us know if you no longer wish us to use your e-mail address to contact you – we will immediately remove it from our list.

We also use Google Analytics to ensure that our website is providing the information that people want by tracking clicks to the pages.

N.B. Hands-on Health does NOT provide or release any personal contact information to any third party.