Podiatry is also known as chiropody, and it can help you with foot problems such as:

  • Nail care – if you have difficulty managing your nails or have physical reasons preventing you (such as back problems, reduced mobility or problems with vision)
  • Thickened or mycotic nails – these can be difficult to manage safely without professional equipment and expertise. Your podiatrist can cut, shape and reduce the thickness to prevent increased pressure and discomfort to soft tissues and advise on treatment options and long term management.
  • Corns (heloma) and callus (tyloma) – increased pressures on areas of the foot from a variety of causes including mis-shapen toes, poor foot dynamics, footwear and lifestyle pressures can cause callus or corn formation resulting in discomfort and possibly masking underlying soft tissue breakdown. These can be gently removed, causative factors identified and where possible addressed.
  • Care and management of the ‘at risk’ foot – some medical conditions including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and vascular disease can make a foot more susceptible to serious injury or infection. Your podiatrist can ensure regular vascular and neurological assessment, monitoring and risk factor reduction, and if necessary appropriate referral, to promote long-term foot health and mobility.