Ashok Naik

Ashok NaikAshok was born in India, and he has a wealth of experience studying, practising and teaching yoga. His training comes from a yogi: at the age of 17, Ashok trained intensively under the guidance of his Guru Swāmi Kripālvānandaji for five years.

Ashok practises Kripalu yoga – traditional Hatha yoga – and he has a deeper training in Prāṇāyama (breathing) and Sat Karmāni (cleansing process).

Before moving to Devon, Ashok taught yoga in and around Bournemouth for over 20 years. He has also instructed yoga teachers for their advance training.

Ashok follows Sage Patanjali’s philosophy of āsana (posture): “Āsana should be steady and comfortable.” He concentrates on correct alignment and aims to help everyone to recognise their own capacity in order to gain from their yoga practice. People of all abilities are welcome.

If there is an interest within the class, Ashok will also explain the philosophy of yoga and other yoga-related scriptures.

For more information or to book a place, call 01395 224207, email or pop in to the clinic.