“Therapeutic massage is so effective”

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Hands massaging

Massage is so much more than just relaxation, says Debbie, a Hands-on Health massage patient, who’s given us this lovely testimonial:

For years, I’ve been getting pins and needles down my right-hand side. I had it all checked by a consultant, and it’s nothing sinister, but it is a problem that the NHS couldn’t do anything about. I was having episodes several times a day, lasting about ten minutes, and wasn’t nice. In autumn 2017, I went along to the Getting Old? Feeling Good! event at the Devoncourt Hotel and talked to Albie about the problem. He did some gentle work on my back and it made a difference, so I booked an appointment at Hands-on Health. I have been seeing him, initially once a month, and more recently every six weeks, and he has given me neck exercises to do every day too. In that time, I have had very few episodes of pins and needles, and the ones I’ve had have just lasted maybe ten seconds. Massage really has made a big difference and I’m delighted to find out how effective the therapeutic side of massage is – it’s so much more than relaxation. What I particularly like about Albie is that he’s analytical – he puts forward hypotheses and tests them. I come from a science education background, so I like that process of reflection, analysis and thoughtful application.