Horse-riding and TRX

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Liz Matthews

Liz Matthews

When 50 horse-riders attended the Trot-On event Improving Rider Performance in Exeter on 10 October 2015, Albie McMahon of Hands-on Health was there to describe how the unique TRX suspension training system helps riders to improve their fitness and strength and ultimately prevent avoidable injury.

He explained how horse riders suffer from treatable symptoms. For example, weak arm strength, poor abdominal muscles, low back pain, uneven strength in the hands, groin pain due to weak adductors and foot turn-out. These can all be addressed using specific TRX exercises targeted at the appropriate muscle or muscle groups.

Albie also emphasised the need to train for your sport and not use the sport itself to keep fit, which could lead to injury.

The concept of TRX was very enthusiastically received and people showed a lot of interest in what it could for their specific problems. Nettie Attril and Liz Matthews, who both train using TRX with Albie, were able to tell the audience how they have benefited:

Nettie said: “As a dressage rider myself I can highly recommend TRX for improving core strength, overall fitness and balance and although Albie confesses to knowing little about horses he is a big part of my dressage training. Thank you Albie, you’re a star!”

Liz added: “Having been ambulanced to hospital in early April 2015, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disc and sciatica. I had little use of my right leg and my balance, core strength and stamina were severely compromised. I was determined to get back in to the saddle as soon as possible; horses are my life and my passion. I started to work with Albie using TRX as soon as my NHS physio would agree, and it enabled me to work on the areas which needed to be strengthened. He tailored each individual session to meet my needs, always mindful of my condition and careful not to push too hard while giving me the reassurance and confidence that I would be able to recover. I am now back riding regularly and have recently taken on a new young horse, and continue to work with Albie, having discovered that TRX can give me a way to exercise I would not have imagined possible.”

One audience member asked how TRX could be useful for someone who works away from home a lot of the time. Albie explained that the TRX system comes with a door mounting attachment that is ideal for use in hotel rooms. Several of his clients have bought their own TRXs in order to practise their programmes while they are away.

He also answered questions about its use for rehabilitating arm and shoulder injuries.

To find out more about what TRX could do for you, call 01395 224207 or email and book a free taster session.