Over 50 and getting fit with TRX: “Personally I’m thrilled to bits with it!”

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Julia does TRX squats

TRX training is the amazing fitness technique that helps people of all ages and abilities to get fast results and have fun too! The small class size (three is the maximum) and the individual tuition at Hands-on Health mean that this simple system of suspended straps can be adapted for users of different ages, fitness levels and abilities.

We have TRX clients ranging in age from 18 to 80, all with different objectives, who are finding that it’s changing their lives – and they just keep coming back for more.

In this blog, we hear from some of our over 50s, who are loving what they’re achieving with TRX.

“Individual attention although we’re in a class”

Julia Chapple during a TRX class with AlbieJulia Chapple (80) lives in Exmouth and has been a massage patient of Albie’s for some years. She’s been doing regular TRX training at Hands-on Health for about 18 months.

“I like to keep fit. I’m no longer able to go to the gym because of back problems, but I can do TRX at my own pace, faster when I feel up to it and slower when I don’t. It’s a great alternative to the gym because it doesn’t affect my back problem, and it’s fun where going to the gym can be boring – with TRX there’s a variety that keeps your mind going as well as your body.

“TRX uses the muscles you’ve got, and works you aerobically too. For older women like me it means you’re getting toned, especially your core muscles and around the tummy, hips and bum, and it’s aerobic at the same time. And you don’t damage yourself like you can with some kinds of energetic exercise when you’re older. With TRX at Hands-on Health you have somebody recognising the limits of your body, and watching you to make sure you’re doing it right. Albie makes sure that the exercises fit my ability – so someone else in my class might be doing things differently to address their own physical problem. We get individual attention even though we’re in a class.

Julia does TRX squats“I feel fit, and I do TRX as my body allows. It would be difficult to do some of the exercises you do in a gym when you’re not feeling 100%, but TRX is adaptable. So I can still do something, even if my back is bad, and it helps lift my spirits because I realise there are still things I can do.”

“TRX ought to be on the NHS!”

Getting yourself back to fitness after surgery is another situation where TRX is really effective. Ed Caudrelier (63) also lives in Exmouth and had a total left knee replacement earlier this year. After a friend recommended TRX for rehabilitation, he came for a free taster, and he is already feeling the benefits after just three sessions.

Ed's knee is almost straight after just three sessions“TRX ought to be on the NHS! It’s absolutely brilliant. I was told that you can walk on the actual knee replacement half an hour after the operation – it’s the damage to all the soft tissue around it that’s the problem!  So TRX is helping me to build up the strength in the muscles around my knee that atrophied while I was waiting for my operation.

“Albie is brilliant at targeting the right muscles. My leg is already stronger and I have more mobility. When I walk upstairs I’m now putting my weight through my left leg – where I used to hobble up, I now walk up three flights properly.

“Just as TRX was recommended to me, I would recommend it to anybody – and I have already sent a friend along!”

“Jolly good value”

Henry Pryse (54) lives in Exeter and has had two hip resurfacing operations. He started TRX training at Hands-on Health in order to gain confidence and fitness.

“I wanted to use and push my body a bit more. I was cycling and doing a bit of swimming, but wanted to build up stamina, strength and endurance. I had been doing pilates too, and didn’t think there’d be time for it all, but I’ve been shoehorning it all in on my day off, by cycling down to Exmouth for TRX.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at my increased flexibility, and I feel I’m pushing myself into areas I haven’t been before. My core stability is improving (very important after having had my hips done) and I’ve even been doing TRX press-ups which have inspired me to keep some press-ups going at home – something I’d never have done!

“Albie is a very good instructor; he provides a very good mix of challenge and encouragement. He’s a  good communicator, relaxed, and adds a bit of humour to the sessions too – you don’t feel intimidated or under pressure – it’s fun! It’s also jolly good value – with three people in the class at the most, it’s much cheaper than one-to-one fitness classes.

“I needed something like this. I’m not interested in the gym, and I need someone telling me what to do – that’s why it works so well for me.

“There are endless combinations of exercises that you can do. I’ve just had two endurance sessions and I can really see the benefit. My walking has improved and I haven’t had any back twinges either.”

“I am now confidently on the road to rebuilding strength”

Jennifer Kirkham-Sandy training with the TRX suspension strapsEven after years of poor posture and wear and tear, regular TRX training quickly pays dividends. Jennifer Kirkham-Sandy (59) from Exeter took up TRX on the recommendation of a friend and work colleague.

“I have been surprised at the speed of progress – each week there has been a noticeable difference – not something you expect when you’re 59!

“First I noticed I could hold good posture at my desk without tiring – no slumping in front of the computer! Then I could paint my toenails comfortably. Next an unexpected bonus – noticeably stronger breath control with my singing.

“Most recently, there’s been further improvement in posture and I’ve become aware of a skew to my movements to compensate for my weaker leg, which is recovering from arthritis. With help from my trainer Maria, I am now confidently on the road to rebuilding strength in that weakened leg.

“I have been delighted by Maria’s encouraging approach, to gently move me on to new challenges.”

“I bounced out feeling better!”

Shirley North (77) comes from Exeter every week with friends to do TRX at Hands-on Health.

“l always liked to keep fit, but after having had my second knee replacement, I found I didn’t get about as much as I should, and I wanted something to keep me going. When my friend suggested TRX, I didn’t think I’d like it – but I thoroughly enjoy it now!

I’d used a stick for four years before my operation last November, and it had affected my posture. Once I started TRX I felt an improvement pretty well straight away – I bounced out feeling better! And my daughter was pleased because she said my posture had improved.

“I feel fit. Albie’s very good at giving you tips, and TRX works very quickly, enough for you to want to carry on after the first six weeks. I’m sure my knee has got better quicker as a result.

“I’ve recommended it to friends – it’s great as a carry-on from the post-operative physiotherapy that you get from the hospital. Personally I’m thrilled to bits with it.”

If you want to see what TRX training can do for you, call 01395 224207 and book in for a no-obligation, free 15-minute taster session with Albie or Maria.