“I haven’t felt so fit in years”

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Richie shows off his TRX Pike at Stallcombe Fayre

Richie Evans describes progress with his charity weight loss and TRX fitness programme at Hands-on Health.

Hi there blog fans – it’s been a while, and although I am a very busy man trying to conquer the world (or Exmouth at least) with my musical activities, there’s really no excuse for keeping you all in the dark for so long about how things are progressing in my fitness quest with Hands-on Health. I can only apologise, but I write this from a position of feeling really good about where we are at.

Richie demonstrates TRX in The Strand, ExmouthSo what’s new? Well, a lot of positive things. My body is really starting to change shape now, with ever-improving muscle definition, particularly in my arms and legs, as you would expect with TRX, and significant loss of inches in all of the right places becoming apparent as clothes are starting to look as if some of them will be consigned to charity shops or recycling in the near future. I’ve now lost two inches off my neck, three off my chest, and three off my waist.

I can honestly say that I haven’t felt so fit in years, and this has been highlighted in two recent public appearances alongside the Hands-on Health team. Firstly, I was able to demonstrate to people a lot fitter than me (a rugby team no less) in an exhibition as part of the Jubilee celebrations in Exmouth’s Strand Gardens, that whilst they were clearly in better physical shape,  TRX requires more than just muscle mass – it’s all about technique and engaging the core muscles to work. It was a very pleasant surprise to find myself more than a match for these guys in our demonstration.

But what really brought it home to me that we were really progressing with this whole thing was during a wonderful day at Stallcombe House’s annual fayre in July, where we were involved in another TRX demonstration.  I was actually confident enough to engage with members of the public and able to explain to and show them how the TRX training programme worked with a degree of knowledge that I didn’t realise that I had. It was commented upon by people who knew the old me that my body shape was in fact changing, and how impressed they were with how comfortable I looked carrying out the various routines.

Richie shows off his TRX Pike at Stallcombe Fayre

Of course, I could ramble on like this for ages, but there is another, far more important message in all of this, and it is that I am doing this not only to regain some of my former glory and get fit for life, but to raise money for Stallcombe House. We have a just giving page, and if you haven’t already donated anything, no matter how small, then please do – it’ll not only spur me on, but it will raise money for a very worthy local resource.

More recently, Albie has upped the ante significantly. We are trying to fit in three sessions a week where possible, and in the circuits that we are doing now, although I am being pushed very hard, I am achieving things that would have been impossible a few short months ago. This, as much as anything, makes me realise that TRX is a remarkable training programme, and I know I have said it before, but I really don’t see myself wanting to do any other programme in the future.

More soon …

You can sponsor Richie, in aid of our adopted charity, Stallcombe House, at  www.justgiving.com/richie-evans


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