Gaining confidence, losing weight … and jogging!

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Richie jogs around the studio carrying kettlebells

Richie Evans describes progress with his charity weight loss and fitness programme at Hands-on Health.

Richie does TRX chest presses on one footApparently, if my fitness guru is to be believed, I have fans of my blogs out there, and some of them have been asking where on earth I’ve been …

Well folks, there are a couple of reasons for the gap between last blog and this one. Firstly, when we first decided to go on this journey together, it was felt that after the initial burst, a weekly blog might bore people. However, we didn’t reckon on my ability to communicate by blog being far more intelligible than my never-to-change accent (for the uninitiated, I have lived in Devon for 12 years and I still sound like a cartoon Scotsman when I speak) and secondly,  domestic circumstances meant that for the past month or so, my progress has been slightly truncated .

If I fondly imagined that Albie would take it easy with me upon my return, then I was being a fool to myself. We have significantly increased the range of exercises in my repertoire, much of which was  photographed and (horrifyingly) filmed at my last session and will in all probability accompany this blog.

Oh yes – here’s a video –  Richie does TRX press ups!

However, despite this realisation, I am not remotely embarrassed, and here’s why. For the first time in many years, I have developed self-confidence about the way I’m starting to look and feel, and although I shouldn’t deny myself some credit for this, without Albie McMahon mentoring me, I wouldn’t even have reached this stage. With that in mind, I steeled myself to face the possibility of my first real failure on this quest, when Albie suggested that our post-TRX and kettlebells ritual of a power walk for half an hour become a semi-jog of reasonable proportion.

Richie jogs around the studio carrying kettlebellsAmazingly, I wasn’t a breathless wreck and felt happy enough to do it again today, unaccompanied, and again (although my wee legs might beg to differ) I didn’t buckle under the pressure. Still a long way to go before I’m doing the marathon though …

I’ll close with this little gem for now. Initially, when I was trying to rid myself of well-documented demons such as dreadful eating habits and a very disturbing addiction to Scotland’s ‘other national drink’, I was losing weight at a slow rate and was becoming very despondent. Cravings like this are long gone, and I am certain that this area will start to develop positively at a far more rapid rate of knots. There is a first target number well in my sights now (and bear in mind that I am probably eating more, albeit far healthier, than I was before I started this). That number  is 119.64, and it’s not a million miles away …

You can sponsor Richie, in aid of our adopted charity, Stallcombe House, at

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