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Richie kettlebell training

Richie Evans describes progress with his charity weight loss and fitness programme at Hands-on Health.

Richie kettlebell trainingAnd so, after last week was wasted because I was suffering from an appalling virus, this has been the best week yet at Hands-on Health. Laid low, but bizarrely still keen to come in to the clinic for my sessions (Albie very wisely put his foot down on this ludicrous suggestion), last week was nothing more than a single trip in to take some more photos of me and give me the briefest introduction to the magic of kettlebells.

The last two sessions, however, have been nothing short of inspirational. Albie and John really put me through my paces on Tuesday with a solid session on kettlebells and much increased activity on TRX. Despite the shock to my system, I found myself starting to feel that this is what it’s all about – doing something that will give me visible results in a controlled environment and realising that this long journey will be worth every step.Richie TRX Squat

Following our now customary power walk out in the streets of Exmouth after each indoor session,  I left Hands-on Health on Tuesday feeling a lot stiffer than I previously had, but filled with the pleasure of having just been doing something very positive.

Thursday was more of the same, and in between my regular circuit, it was both interesting and I’m not going to deny it, alarming, when Albie asked me to try a couple of little exercises that will be factored in as time goes on. This, quite frankly, gave me an insight into how fit these people are compared to those of us out there who fondly imagine that they are! As always, though, he is very diligent in his approach, and after each brief demonstration of these new exercises, followed by my comedy attempts at doing them, he would reassure me with ‘but that’s for later on’.

Albie with Richie TRX hamstring curlStrangely, though, I find myself desperately keen to reach that ‘later on’ stage, despite having the knowledge that I will be required to put my body through a lot to get there. It is going to be worth every bit of effort, and I am supremely confident that I am doing so with the right people.

One final thought for this week. Quite a few people have started to see Albie and me out and about on our warm-down walk after each session and are generally very encouraging. However – if over the next few weeks, I have a slight stagger to my walking, you’ll realise that the ante is being upped by my mentor, so keep encouraging me – one day I’ll be able to do that famous hand-waving Rocky Balboa run around town … one day.

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  1. Ollie says:

    Well done mate sounds great. Keep up the good work.

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