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Richie Evans does a TRX chest press

Richie Evans describes progress with his charity weight loss and fitness programme at Hands-on Health.

Week one

Richie Evans does a TRX chest press at Hands-on Health, ExmouthSo finally, after a lot of ifs, buts and maybes, I’m committed to this grand task, but strangely I feel very relaxed about it all. This is in all probability because of the quality of advice and support thus far, particularly from Albie and Lesley Harper (nutritional therapist), who absolutely inspire confidence when sharing their expertise.

I really couldn’t have picked a more awkward time to kick-start my push towards being the fittest 44-year-old in the neighbourhood, being as it is that I am moving house the day before my first session, but I’m assured by Albie that he’ll break me in gently.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had from people all over town since we went live online and in the local press, with almost £200 raised in sponsorship for Stallcombe House in the first week alone, so I had better come across with the goods or else. Thanks so much to everyone who has pledged or donated money so far – it’ll really inspire me.

So, all in all, I’m feeling very good about it all, but one thing DOES annoy me – why, oh why is it impossible to find jogging bottoms for the shorter-legged gentleman? It would appear that wearing fitness gear has a direct correlation with being a giant. However, I’ve had to make the best that I can and go all Simon Cowell (thank goodness for long t-shirts and elasticated waistbands) as they are not prepared for me to show off my wee legs … yet.

So it’s onwards we go, all systems go on Friday 2 March  – wish me luck!

Week two

Richie works his core and hamstrings under Albie's watchful eye at Hands-on Health, ExmouthWell – we are three sessions in, and I’m still with you all. Thankfully, Albie was true to his word and very kindly took into consideration that I’d been lugging boxes and furniture the whole of the day before my first session. Much hilarity ensued as it appeared that I didn’t have a pulse for quite some time when we were collating my initial statistics.

The first session was a gentle introduction to the world of TRX and thankfully the only really embarrassing moment for me was when I was doing some step-ups on the step of the rear door to Hands-on Health to increase my heart rate, and it seemed that every single white van man in Exmouth chose that moment to drive past.

Sessions two and three saw a gradual upping of the ante by Albie, with a few photographs being taken, to demonstrate how I was progressing on the TRX as time goes on.

Speaking of TRX – by the end of session three, I am completely sold on it as a concept. It is a remarkable piece of equipment, and having been worked that bit harder and developed better ‘form’ (a good thing in TRX-speak, it seems) I can totally see how it works every part of the body without causing any impact stress  and find myself looking forward to the point when I start to really feel results.

More next week …

You can sponsor Richie at www.justgiving.com/richie-evans


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