The difference is phenomenal

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Ali Colledge treating a patient

Ali Colledge treating a patient

Val Rowe was so happy to have found Hands-on Health that she’s recommending it to everyone she sees! This is her story:

“I had a couple of quite serious road accidents, which left me with a whiplash injury over a period of about ten years, during which my posture and my neck mobility deteriorated. I was so uncomfortable, I couldn’t turn my head from side to side fully, and was standing like a tortoise with my head poking out! I saw a couple of doctors, but they said it was just poor posture.

“Last summer Ollie, landlord of The Grapevine in Exmouth, recommended that I went to Hands-on Health, and I saw Ali Colledge. She gave me massage and acupuncture, warned me that for a week things would look a bit bruised, and suggested that I’d need a total of four sessions. By the time I came for the next session, the difference was phenomenal! Now my shoulders have dropped, I’m not standing with my neck poking out, and I feel much better – I’m not in pain and can turn my head properly!

“Recently, I went away for a couple of months, and have just been back to see Ali. Again the relief is enormous, and even my partner says it’s amazing. In fact, I would hesitate to be without a session once a month.

“Interestingly, I was without doubt a chocoholic, but the unintended consequence of my treatment, is that I honestly haven’t wanted a single bar since! Maybe it was comfort food and I don’t need it now!

“From the moment you come into Hands-on Health, you know it is a nice place to be, and Ali listens to you, takes you seriously, and is a very understanding, warm generous person. The whole experience – coming to the clinic, having the treatment, talking to the people there – has made such a difference to my life, I don’t want to be without it, and I’ve recommended it to everybody I’ve seen!”