An end to arachnophobia

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Marcia Fletcher

Marcia FletcherAn end to arachnophobia – and many other fears and phobias – is in sight for Exmouth sufferers. A quick and simple technique used to treat victims of post trauma stress disorder (PTSD), and proven to be effective for fears and phobias, is now available at Hands-on Health.

Practitioner Marcia Fletcher joins the Hands-on Health team next week (21 September). She has over eight years’ experience in helping clients end their fears and phobias about spiders, rodents, flying, claustrophobia and many others, and has had excellent results with sportspeople too: “EFT is very helpful in boosting performance in athletic sports, golf, tennis etc by identifying and clearing negative thoughts surrounding success,” she says.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been used in challenging situations, such as treating traumatised victims of war zones and global disaster sites. Marcia, who herself introduced it into western Guatemala in 2005 to help survivors of hurricane Stan suffering from PTSD, is currently undertaking a key piece of research at Exeter university into the use of EFT. It will be published later this year.

The treatment is very straightforward, safe and painless. No clothing is removed, and one session is normally all that is required.