Eco-friendly exercise?

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The x-mount

James fixes the x-mount to the new wooden beamWe had the builders in again on Friday. They added some very important kit to our exercise studio.

Not big, heavy, power-hungry machines with built in TVs. Not racks of weights, or bikes that don’t go anywhere.

No, the builders fixed a chunky wooden beam to the ceiling, and to that they attached three simple metal ‘X-mounts’. It took them about an hour.

The mounts are there to hold the exercise straps for our brand new TRX training courses, the first of which starts next Tuesday, 21 June at 18.45. TRX is a very different way to get fit and strong, as our instructor Rob Deere wrote on his own blog recently, after demonstrating it with us at our stand at the Devon County Show:

The x-mount“Suspension training using the TRX is a unique training method in which the exerciser has either their hands or feet supported by an anchor point whilst the opposite end of the body remains in contact with the ground. The TRX has a single attachment point which offers the perfect mix of mobility and support to enable the training of strength, endurance and power whilst building balance, flexibility, core stability and coordination.

“Exercising using the TRX uses gravity and movement to create neuromuscular responses to changes in the position of the body …  The exerciser experiences these as physical work that integrates strength and balance for a superior and dynamic workout … and engages the core no matter whichever body part is targeted.”

Hang on, hang on (excuse the pun)! If you think that suspending yourself from a strap attached to the ceiling sounds a bit advanced and extreme for you, read on!Rob and Albie demonstrate TRX at the Devon County Show

“TRX training is suitable for all ages and all physical conditions and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual.”

Several members of the Hands-on Health team tried the TRX for themselves on the stand at the Devon County Show, and all decided it was fantastic. And at least one member of the public who tried it there has already signed up for a course.

So there you have it. An eco-friendly form of exercise which can be adapted for anyone and involves just a strap, a mount in the ceiling and your own body weight.

Our first class in progressAn ideal course to reflect our eco-friendly clinic – simple, natural, effective, and, we hope you agree, fun too.

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