Before and after

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The waiting area - before

The waiting area - before The waiting area - after

I love these two pictures, because they show how far we’ve come since we first embarked on the Hands-on Health project in August 2010.

We started off with a wreck of a building, in chaos, mess and confusion but with a dream of something calm, peaceful and healthy.

Like all ‘before and after’ pictures, these pictures reflect the miracle of transformation, without showing the time, effort, stress, money and, yes even some pain that were necessary to turn a disaster into a triumph. But looking at them reminds us of the journey we’ve been on – and the one we are continuing with teamwork, optimism and enjoyment.

We all have ‘before and after’ stories. Whether they’re about losing weight, getting fit, building a house or creating a community, we all know that these pictures don’t just record two moments in time; they mark the achievement of a process that has involved highs and lows, successes and failures, good days and bad – and other people’s support and encouragement.

If you’re thinking of starting a life-changing process yourself, you’ve already moved on from ‘before’. Your journey will probably be eventful, and not always easy, but it will also be inspiring and you’ll find out who your friends are! Enjoy the process, and start planning the story you’re going to tell.

What will your ‘after’ picture look like?

At our Exmouth eco-clinic, we offer a multi-disciplinary team approach involving acupuncture, massage therapies, McTimoney chiropractic, myofascial release, nutrition, reflexology, circuit training, corrective exercise, Pilates, Tai Chi, TRX, yoga and more.